Diversifying Children’s Illustration with Nick Butler

Show Notes

In this episode, host Shauna McBride speaks with Nick Butler, artist and illustrator of Committee for Children’s Captain Compassion® comic series. Nick explains how he used every design choice to carefully and intentionally craft a visual identity for Captain Compassion® and her sidekick Kid Kinder®.

To create Kid Kinder, Nick took visual cues from his little brother and himself as children, making this project an intensely personal one. He tells Shauna, “When I had this opportunity with Kid Kinder to represent the Black community, I dug in. I really wanted to make sure that I was singing the praises of Black boys and Black girls, and I wanted to have the character capture that essence and really represent.”

Nick and Shauna also explore how Black creators are forging new, independent paths through the media landscape, no longer relying on traditional gatekeepers to allow them a seat at the table. These stories contain lessons for anyone seeking to create or consume media that represent a diversity of identities and lived experiences.

To see more of Nick’s work, check out his Instagram account @turtledusttoons, or his website.

Learn more about the Captain Compassion campaign here.

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