Fostering Children’s Love of Science with Theanne Griffith, PhD

Show Notes

In this episode, host Andrea Lovanhill speaks with Dr. Theanne Griffith, PhD, a neuroscientist and author of the children’s book series The Magnificent Makers. Theanne explains how the environment of curiosity and exploration fostered by her parents helped her grow into the person she is today and influenced the work she’s doing as an author and scientist.

“The most important thing a scientist needs, I think, is creativity and openness and curiosity,” Theanne says. “I think any way you can foster that in your child, you’re going to create a love for science.”

Theanne also talks about how she showcases diverse characters in her books to increase representation for those who are underrepresented in the scientific community, such as people of color and people with disabilities.

Learn more about Theanne and her book series at her website, or follow her on Twitter.

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