The Intersection of Peaceful Parenting and Social Emotional Learning

Show Notes

In this episode of the Grow Kinder® podcast, Dr. Tia Kim interviews Dr. Laura Markham, a renowned clinical psychologist, author of the Peaceful Parent series of books, and the founder of Aha! Parenting. Throughout the episode, the pair explores the concept of peaceful parenting. Peaceful parenting focuses on self-regulation, connection with children, and coaching rather than controlling kids. Dr. Markham emphasizes the importance of parents and caregivers being mindful of their own social-emotional skills in order to effectively teach these skills to their children. Dr. Markham also highlights the significance of social-emotional learning in both the home and school environments, stating that these skills are essential for building healthy relationships and communities – now and for future generations.

Dr. Markham introduces “Aha! Parenting” as a platform that provides support and guidance for parents in utilizing peaceful and connected parenting approaches. Aha! Parenting was founded to support parents to create a more peaceful home and happy, responsible, considerate kids. Concrete examples are given of how parents can apply these strategies with both toddlers and teenagers.

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