The Joys of Teaching the Youngest and Oldest Learners with Tabatha Rosproy

Show Notes

This back-to-school episode of Grow Kinder features 2020 National Teacher of the Year, Tabatha Rosproy. A teacher with 10 years of experience, Tabatha is the first early childhood educator to be named National Teacher of the Year. She teaches an intergenerational preschool program at Winfield Early Learning Center, which is housed in Cumbernauld Village, a retirement community and nursing home in Winfield, Kansas. In her program, members of the retirement community are daily visitors and volunteers in the children’s classroom.

Tabatha speaks with us about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her multigenerational classroom, the importance of social-emotional learning for all age levels, and why educators should take every possible opportunity to connect with students and their families during remote instruction this fall.

To learn more about Tabatha, click here. To follow Tabatha’s journey as 2020 National Teacher of the Year, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To get a sneak peek into Tabatha’s classroom at Cumbernauld Village before the pandemic, watch this video.