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Committee for Children Amplifies Voices of Black Educators for Black History Month

New Video Series Airing in February 2021 


 SEATTLE—In the wake of the powerful and inspiring movement for racial justice in 2020, educators have played a critical role in expanding our nation’s understanding of and vision for what our world can be, how we can strive to make it better, and build our communities stronger. In honor of Black History Month, Committee for Children is releasing a four-part video series to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black educators and amplify their voices.  

 “It’s an honor to use Committee for Children’s platform to celebrate such phenomenal Black educators and amplify their voices during Black History Month,” said Shauna McBride, vice president of public relations and communications at Committee for Children. “We’re thrilled to elevate the stories and experiences of those who are working diligently to develop the next generation of Black leaders and innovators.” 

 The videos will feature eight Black educators who speak about what being a Black educator means to them, their proudest moments as educators and other experiences, and their hopes for the future. The series will air throughout February on Committee for Children’s YouTube channel. 

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Committee for Children is on a mission to ensure children everywhere can thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. Best known for our innovative social-emotional learning programs that blend research and rigor with intuitive design, we empower children and adults with skills that help them realize their goals in the classroom and throughout their lives. Since 1979, weve been connecting experts in the field to share experiences and advance the cause of educating the whole child. We also help pass policies and legislation that place importance on creating safe and supportive learning environments. Today our programs reach more than 16.5 million children in 34 percent of all US elementary schools. By lifting up children today, were helping them create a safe and positive society for the future. Learn more at 

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Shauna McBride 

Vice President, Public Relations and Communications, Committee for Children, 206-612-8718  

 M’Bilia Meekers 

Senior Public Relations Specialist, Committee for Children