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Committee for Children Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Hot Chocolate Talk® Child Safety Campaign

Little Moments Make a Big Difference in Helping Children Thrive

SEATTLE—In support of National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, Committee for Children celebrates the fifth annual Hot Chocolate Talk campaign, which helps families normalize discussions about child safety and child sexual abuse prevention. Finding the right words isn’t always easy, but when families are equipped with key knowledge and skills, they can become more comfortable having these critical safety conversations.

“Parents and caregivers are a crucial, and often underestimated, component in preventing child sexual abuse,” says Dr. Tia Kim, VP of Education, Research, and Impact at Committee for Children. “When parents talk with kids early and often about safety, they create environments where kids feel comfortable asking questions and having difficult conversations, like disclosing abuse. And when children know they can always talk to their parents about their safety and well-being, families have the power to help keep kids safe.”

Today, one in four girls and one in 20 boys report experiencing sexual abuse before the age of 18. Drawing upon decades of work in the field of child protection, Committee for Children provides free How-to Guides with research-based language and age-appropriate tips to help families normalize safety conversations throughout childhood. The Hot Chocolate Talk How-to Guides equip parents and caregivers with research-based strategies to build trust with children in everyday moments, teach age-appropriate safety rules, and create warmth and comfort when talking about serious topics.

“We know children’s safety and well-being is the highest priority for parents and caregivers. The Hot Chocolate Talk campaign helps families take the guesswork out of knowing what to say during critical safety conversations and when to say it,” says Committee for Children CEO Andrea Lovanhill. “I’m proud to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this groundbreaking campaign.”

Families can download the free How-to Guides at, along with a variety of approachable, research-based resources that include guidance on how to respond to disclosure and how to identify signs of abuse. Resources are available in English and coming soon in Spanish.


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