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New Primary Prevention Campaign Helps Children Thrive in Times of Adversity

Committee for Children Brings Awareness to the Preventative Power of Life Skills

SEATTLE—Across the United States, youth are experiencing increased rates of sadness, hopelessness, and suicide. With kids’ well-being at risk, Committee for Children is bringing prevention to the forefront with a new national campaign, All Kids Safe and Well. The campaign is designed to increase awareness about the ways building children’s essential life skills can help promote their well-being and increase their resilience in times of adversity.

“Teaching personal and interpersonal life skills can push back against hopelessness and anxiety, and can even reduce the risk of youth substance abuse, child sexual abuse and youth suicide,” said Jordan Posamentier, vice president of policy and advocacy at Committee for Children. “Building these skills is the core of primary prevention and the focus of our new campaign.”

Primary prevention includes helping all young people develop personal and interpersonal life skills such as communication, decision-making, building confidence, and coping with stress and adversity. In addition to preventing youth substance abuse, child sexual abuse and youth suicide, studies show that research- and evidence-based life skill-building promotes safety and wellness for children by preventing bullying and helping cultivate a safe school climate.

“Right now, we have a huge opportunity to get ahead of the curve and help kids learn the skills to cope with whatever life throws their way,” said Posamentier. “We know a vast majority of parents support teaching these skills in schools, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re looking for ways to take action. That’s why we created the All Kids Safe and Well campaign.”

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