Press Releases

Raikes Foundation Awards $235,000 Grant to Committee for Children

March 12, 2010

SEATTLE—The Raikes Foundation and Committee for Children today announced a partnership fueled by a three-year, $235,000 grant to help students at three local middle schools avoid risky behaviors, prevent violence, and succeed in school, while also advancing research in the field of social-emotional learning to make learning programs from the nonprofit Committee for Children even more effective worldwide.

The grant will…Read More

Second Step Author Honored for Lifetime Achievement

October 29, 2009

SEATTLE—Kathy Beland, original author of Committee for Children’s award-winning Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum, received the nationally recognized Sanford N. McDonnell Award for Lifetime AchieveRead More

Committee for Children: A Great Place to Work

August 21, 2009

SEATTLE—Committee for Children was honored at an awards event on August 20 at Safeco Field, where the Puget Sound Business Journal named the local nonprofit a runner-up in the 2009 Read More

Bullying: Study Offers Ray of Hope

May 8, 2009

SEATTLE—In the midst of gloomy reports about bullying-related suicides, lawsuits, school attendance problems, and fear is a ray of hope from a research study that reaffirms that careful implementation of a comprehensive bullyiRead More

Seeds of Compassion: One Year Later

May 6, 2009

SEATTLE—The “Seeds of Compassion” that were planted by last year’s visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama are flowering at the New School at Columbia in Seattle, as teachers blend a Seeds-inspired “theme of the month” Read More

Two Members Join Board of Directors

March 5, 2009

SEATTLE—Committee for Children has named Alayne Sulkin, publisher of Parent Map magazine, and Yoko Miyashita, corporate counsel for Getty Images, to its Read More

Children Alone With the Computer: A Recipe for Cyber Bullying?

December 8, 2008

SEATTLE—Soon, more than 34 million U.S. children will be on winter break. As they face cold, often blustery weather, they will likely spend more time online without adult supervision, and thus be more exposed to cyber bulRead More