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Raikes Foundation Awards $235,000 Grant to Committee for Children

March 12, 2010

SEATTLE—The Raikes Foundation and Committee for Children today announced a partnership fueled by a three-year, $235,000 grant to help students at three local middle schools avoid risky behaviors, prevent violence, and succeed in school, while also advancing research in the field of social-emotional learning to make learning programs from the nonprofit Committee for Children even more effective worldwide.

The grant will enable Pathfinder Middle School in Seattle, Meeker Middle School in Kent, and Keithley Middle School in Tacoma to implement a research-based program called Second Step: Student Success Through Prevention. The curriculum teaches students the protective skills they need to make good choices and stay engaged in school despite the potential pitfalls of substance abuse, bullying, cyber bullying, and peer pressure.

“A key component of the project will allow Committee for Children to research ways to better use technology in implementing the lessons and to pinpoint the most effective and efficient ways to use Second Step to improve student achievement, reduce classroom disruption, and enhance student safety.

“Since 1981, Committee for Children has been guided by the belief that we can change the world by teaching children to get along, to be safe from harm, and to be caring, responsible members of their families, schools, and communities,” said Executive Director Joan Duffell. “This generous grant from the Raikes Foundation will enable us to bolster our ongoing research that shows our programs’ work and to advance innovations to continually improve our efforts.”

“While coping with puberty, middle schoolers often struggle to fit in socially, to adapt to a more challenging academic environment, and to manage their emotions. Students can be taught social and emotional skills that will help them make healthy choices, improve relationships with peers and adults, and fully engage in learning,” added Erin Kahn, director of the Raikes Foundation. “We know that regular participation in high quality programs like the Second Step curriculum leads to better personal, social, and academic outcomes for students to help them grow into healthy, successful adults.”

About the Raikes Foundation: Founded by Tricia and Jeffrey Raikes, the Raikes Foundation provides opportunities and support during adolescence to help young people become healthy, contributing adults. To learn more, go to