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Committee for Children Now Offers a Pre-K-12 Full-Suite Solution with the Highly Anticipated Launch of Second Step® High School

SEATTLE — March 29, 2024 —
Adolescence isn’t just a phase; it’s a time of unparalleled growth and an opportunity for developing strengths that will influence our adult lives. Recognizing the potential of this developmental stage, Committee for Children a global nonprofit and the market leader in research-based social-emotional learning (SEL) programs is introducing Second Step High School—a new research-based program meticulously designed to equip high schoolers with practical social and emotional skills to navigate this pivotal phase with confidence.

Grounded in extensive research on adolescent development and how they learn, Second Step High School provides students with the social and emotional life skills to communicate better, handle stress effectively, overcome setbacks, and build meaningful relationships—all while preparing them for the demands of life after graduation.

“Adolescence is a critical period for social and emotional growth,” said CEO of Committee for Children, Andrea Lovanhill. “Prioritizing skills that build confidence and help students develop positive relationships in high school is key to boosting academic performance, graduation rates, and lifelong success. Through Second Step High School, we’re empowering students to thrive socially, excel academically, and navigate challenges in classrooms, in the workplace, and throughout life.”

With the release of Second Step High School, Committee for Children now offers a PreK–12 SEL full-suite solution for school districts in communities across the globe.

“We’ve developed Second Step High School through a rigorous three-year research and development process, incorporating feedback from educators, students, and administrators to design a program that is both effective and engaging,” said Lovanhill. “Our goal is to help schools create a culture where everyone is most likely to succeed.”

Key features of Second Step High School:

  • Flexible—Adaptable to different school schedules and contexts. Educators can customize the learning experience to suit their students’ needs and school’s requirements.
  • Relevant—Explicitly designed for high school students, Second Step High School offers pathways focusing on critical aspects of adolescent development: belonging, relationship-building, coping and problem-solving, autonomy, and well-being.
  • Engaging—Crafted with input from students and educators, Second Step High School strikes a balance between integrated and direct skill-building and is easy for adolescents to embrace.

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About Committee for Children:
Committee for Children is a global nonprofit organization founded in 1979 dedicated to promoting the safety, well-being, and social-emotional development of children through innovative research-based programs. Visit to learn more.

About Second Step Programs:
The research-based family of programs by Committee for Children includes social-emotional learning curricula for Early Learning through Grade 12 and are used in 46,000 K–12 schools across all 50 states and reach 26.9 million children worldwide annually. Visit to learn more.

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