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Committee for Children frequently receives requests from clients to reproduce or adapt its materials. We welcome such requests and do our best to accommodate clients’ needs.

All Committee for Children materials, including web materials, are protected under copyright law. Written permission from the publisher is required if you wish to reproduce or adapt materials.

Permission is not required to link to any article or page on this website. However, full‑text articles may not be reproduced on any website, newsgroup, or mailing list without explicit permission. Reproduction, distribution, transmittal, or retrieval of any part of the Second Step® programs’ materials is strictly prohibited without a valid license agreement or written permission from Committee for Children. All use of the Second Step programs’ materials is subject to the Second Step License Agreement included with your product. Please consult the License Agreement for exact terms and conditions applicable to use of the materials.

To request permission to reproduce or adapt materials, please complete and submit the form below. Providing as much detail as possible helps make the review process faster and more efficient.

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Copyright Permissions Request Form

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