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Help Fund Global Mental Health Services

Mental health disorders affect children, young people, and adults all over the world. A 2016 Global Burden of Disease study estimated that nearly 1 billion people worldwide suffer from mental health or substance use disorders. A 2019 estimate found that one in every seven adolescents suffers from a mental health disorder. Investing in mental health and prevention services can help avoid large productivity costs in the global economy. In addition, by investing in children’s mental health, we’re helping them thrive now and into adulthood.

Continued domestic investments in mental health supports and primary prevention are critical to addressing the youth mental health crisis, and we should also support children outside the US. That’s why we’re urging you to ask your lawmakers to cosponsor the MINDS Act, which recommends adding mental health and psychosocial supports through US international development assistance. The MINDS Act specifically recommends prioritizing evidence-based and culturally competent services for children and families in crisis-affected communities.

Your voice matters! You can take action now to ask your federal lawmakers to cosponsor the MINDS Act to prioritize global psychosocial supports for children and families in need.

We’ve provided a prewritten letter that you can edit to include a personalized message of support.
Thanks for advocating with us!