Advocacy in Action

Support School Violence Prevention

Recent school violence across the country has increased federal and state government attention to creating safe and positive school climates for young people. You can help by urging your federal and state lawmakers to prioritize research-based school violence prevention. Part of effective school violence prevention includes ensuring all kids can access support in developing social-emotional skills, which can improve student conduct and help create safer schools.

Students need a positive school climate, free of the threat of violence, where they can focus on learning and growing. Schoolwide social-emotional learning (SEL) programs have been shown to improve student conduct and students’ relationships with their classmates and teachers, as well as promote skills and attitudes that serve as protective factors to mitigate problematic behaviors. Students, teachers, and parents agree that SEL programs that help build a positive school climate increase a sense of safety for students and staff.

Your voice can make a difference for this critical issue. Use the widget to urge your federal and state lawmakers to prioritize access to research-based SEL programs that provide support for all students and improve school climate and safety. We’ve provided you with a prewritten letter for your lawmakers, but you’re welcome to edit it to include your personal message.

Thank you for advocating with us!