Education, Research & Impact

Our Education, Research & Impact team, led by Tia Kim, consists of educational designers, research scientists, and implementation staff who build on Committee for Children’s extensive experience in the field of social-emotional learning (SEL) to develop and continuously improve our programs and products.

Our educational designers use their deep knowledge of best practices in pedagogy and teaching to create engaging, easy-to-use curricula designed to address real-life challenges and improve the lives of students and school staff. Our researchers translate recent research from the field and the current challenges and needs of classrooms into practical application to ensure every program and product we create promotes the social-emotional development, safety, and well-being of children. The Committee for Children research advisory group also provides consultation and guidance to our staff.

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Tia Kim, PhD

Vice President of Education, Research & Impact

Educational Design

Bridgid Normand, MEd

Director of Education & Learning

Tonje Molyneux, MEd

Senior Educational Designer

Pamela Sale, MEd

Senior Educational Designer

Elise Potts

Educational Designer

Research Team

Mylien Duong, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Cailin Currie, PhD

Research Scientist

Tricia Maas, PhD

Research Scientist

Jasmine Williams, PhD

Research Scientist

Research Advisory Group

Implementation & Partnerships

We know that good program implementation is essential to producing positive outcomes, so we’re committed to identifying and breaking through common barriers to implementation, developing resources to support educators, and assessing whether we’re improving implementation fidelity. Our Implementation & Training staff work closely with district and school administrators to help them plan for program sustainability.

Juliet Kandel

Implementation and Training Manager

Casey Escola, MA

Implementation Specialist