Tia Kim, PhD

Vice President of Education, Research, and Impact

Dr. Tia Kim is a developmental psychologist with a background in children’s and adults’ social-emotional development and well-being. She leads Committee for Children’s team of research scientists to develop and evaluate the quality, effectiveness, and impact of the organization’s Second Step® social-emotional learning programs for educators and students.

Dr. Kim’s latest research highlights why creating supportive school environments that empower every educator and student with a sense of purpose and belonging is the key to helping them thrive in the classroom and beyond. Drawing from her experience as an education research scientist, Dr. Kim provides thoughtful, research-based tips and insights to help educators conquer the winter blues and improve their well-being.

Specialty Areas

  • Social-emotional learning for students and educators
  • Educators’ mental health and well-being
  • Inclusivity and belonging at school
  • Teacher growth and leadership