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friendship making activity


Learn What to Say and How to Break the Ice When Meeting New People

In this activity meant for kids from elementary through middle school, students practice what to say and how to break the ice as a way of getting to know others when beginning a new friendship. Asking friendly questions of others can be an effecti… Read More

where the wild things are reading guide

Activity—Where the Wild Things Are Reading Guide

A Reading Guide for Parents and Teachers of Kids Aged 3–6

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic American book whose story of a frustrated, imaginative boy can help young children recognize and understand their own difficult feelings and how they can feel better. This reading guide, which aligns… Read More

how to share - kids apples bus

Activity—Inclusive Communities

Communities come in all shapes and sizes. This lesson teaches students how to share with and be respectful of others.

Members of a community share a common space, needs, and goals, and they cooperate with and are respectful of each other. In communities like the classroom community, it is especially important not to leave others out. This activity… Read More

Keeping Children Safe: Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

All states have a law that requires us to report when there is reasonable suspicion that child sexual abuse occurred, yet child sexual abuse is underreported by both children and adults, including teachers. There are many reasons for this. Children are often afraid or ashamed to tell. Adults may not know about all the signs of abuse, may lack knowledge about reporting, or may worry about making inaccurate reports.Read More

making a difference

Activity—Making a Difference

Positive reinforcement of good deeds is a simple but effective way to support and encourage treating others with kindness and respect

Acknowledging when someone’s done something positive helps to reinforce that behavior. This activity, meant for upper elementary students, is all about acknowledging and celebrating when kids treat others with kindness and respect.

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Two Myths About Child Sexual Abuse: What We Should Know, What We Can Do

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, an
important time to build knowledge and awareness of how to protect children from
abuse. This awareness includes understanding two myths about child sexual abuse
and what we can do to address those myths, to support effective prevention,
identification, and response.… Read More

Activity—Solutions to Community Problems

It takes a village to solve community issues. This exercise features local topics and how students can work together to address them.

Working together to understand and solve problems is a skill set students will use throughout their education and take into adulthood. This academic integration activity for upper elementary students gives th… Read More

Can Minecraft Teach Conflict Resolution Skills?

Minecraft is one of the most played video games of all time, loved by kids, parents, and educators alike. It is a fun environment for building, collaborating, and solving problems. What started as an indie game that enabled players to build and craft on their own homegrown servers, Minecraft has grown into a global phenomenon that is transforming how educators think about project-based learning for topics like coding, game design, and engineering. … Read More