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Why Solidarity Is Key in Bullying Prevention

In this blog, learn more from Committee for Children VP of Education, Research, and Impact Dr. Tia Kim about how bullying affects children’s well-being, and why solidarity is a fundamental aspect of prevention.Read More

Breaking Cultural Norms to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Our world is opening back up. Children are going back to in-person learning, workers are returning to their office buildings, and thankfully, celebrations are no longer just over Zoom. While we continue to live with and navigate the pandRead More

Adult speaking to upset child.

Upstander Advocacy

In this blog, learn how you can help prevent bullying by promoting cultural responsive pedagogy.Read More

Build Good Habits and Routines with Your Family This Summer

“Make a schedule,” they all said. And I, being the type-A person I am, took great delight in making my schedule on day one on the stay-at-home order, complete with a plan to iterate on that schedule and adapt it collaboratively with my kids as we tried to find our new normal. That was then.Read More