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Taking Care of #1: How to Become a Resilient Educator

by Tonje Molyneux

As one who has chosen to work in a child-serving profession, it’s a given that you’re busy, and very likely that you experience some degree of stress on a daily basis. In fact, it’s likely you could use a moment to de-stress right now. So use the few moments you spend reading this article to also relax by doing a simple breathing exercise. Breathe in slowly through your nose, feel your…… Read More

The Second Step Program and the Bullying Prevention Unit: A Powerful Combination

We here at Committee for Children have long recognized that there are solutions that help reduce the levels of bullying in schools. The new Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit is such a solution. The Unit was created for elementary students and staff so the skills, behaviors and attitudes that help prevent bullying are instilled as early as possible and alongside…… Read More

Bullying Down, Academics Up with SEL

The Second Step program empowers schools to create positive classroom climates where students thrive

Every state but one has adopted anti-bullying legislation. By now, many school districts have developed and put into place policies and procedures that outline actions to take against bullying. These policies are necessary in setting the groundwork for promoting a safe, positive climate for…… Read More