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District Data on the New Second Step Program for K-5


by Dr. Kim Gulbrandson

In my district, we collect data from our K–4 and K–5 students who participate in the newest edition of the Second Step K–5 curriculum (fourth edition). I’d like to share a few anecdotal results regarding data from our 2011–2012 school year. The below examples show student responses before (September 2011) and after (May 2012) participating in Second Step lessons.

Some student responses could suggest language issues, such as difficulty understanding the question. However, the information clearly shows that students made progress, not to mention that many of their responses are just plain cute!

Question: When I say start, name as many feeling words as you can. For example, “happy” is a feeling word.

(Children were given 30 seconds to give their responses.)


Student 1

Pre-test: What is a feeling word?

Post-test: Happy, sad, angry, disappointed, frustrated, excited, mad

Student 2

Pre-test: Happy about time to play, share

Post-test: Happy, sad, disappointed, angry, surprised, excited, interested

Student 3

Pre-test: Happy, sad, mad, dog, strawberry

Post-test: Happy, mad, sad, angry, disappointed, upset, surprised, scared, excited, pleased

Student 4

Pre-test: Earring, ear, eyes

Post-test: Sad, mad, happy, angry

Student 5:

Pre-test: Cat, hat, duck, dog

Post-test: Sad, angry, mad, disappointed

Additional pre-test answers from students:

Fish, octopus, cat, picture, sea

Animal, dog, snake, color

I like going to school

Ring, bedbug, Halloween


Something kind of small, and kind of bigger

Two boys can’t read

Apple, orange, people, leaf, school

Brushing teeth

Playing with friends

Stone, sun, star

Couching, sneezing, throwing up

Additional post-test answers from students:

Disappointed, excited, curious

Sad, mad, angry

Upset, scared, mad, grumpy

Happy, frustrated

Lonely, surprised

I will be sure to keep you updated as we gather more results! Have any of you collected data on the Second Step program? If so, please respond and share what you found.