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Welcoming a New Neighbor—Activity

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Age 3-5

The first thing children learn in the Second Step Early Learning Program is how to welcome someone new to class as a way to show they care. They learn how to introduce themselves, say something kind, and do something kind. In this game adapted from the Second Step: Social-Emotional Skills for Early Learning Program, you can help your child practice the skill of welcoming someone new.

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Play a game with your child to practice welcoming someone.

Say: We’re going to play a welcoming game. Pretend I am your age and I just moved in next door.

You are meeting me for the first time. How can you welcome me?

Help your child do the following:

• Say hello and tell you his or her name

• Ask if you want to play

• Show you some of his or her toys

Then play with your child to show you feel welcome!


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