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Class Meeting: Different from You—Activity

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Grades 6–8

At Committee for Children, we strive to foster the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development. Part of that goal is to teach students about diversity and inclusivity. This exercise, which is adapted from one of our Second Step Middle School Program’s Advisory Activities, helps students talk about what may be challenging about understanding other people’s differences and how to accept and celebrate them.

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Objective: Examine the benefits of having friends who are different


If possible, seat the class in a circle.

Sit where you can participate comfortably in the discussion.

Class Meeting Instructions


Have everyone in the class (including you!) briefly answer the following question: Are your friends similar to you or different from you?


As a class, discuss one or more of the following prompts:

What can make it difficult to make friends with someone who is a different gender, race, or ethnicity?

How can you overcome these difficulties?

Tell us about a friendship you have with someone who’s different from you.

Why is this friendship important?


Have the class reflect quietly about the following prompt:

What are some benefits of being friends with people who are different from you?

Call on students to tell the class their ideas, as time allows.

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