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Committee for Children and UW Sponsor 7th Annual Bullying Research Network Think Tank


On July 27–28, 2017, Committee for Children and the University of Washington co-hosted the seventh annual Bullying Research Network Think Tank in Seattle, WA. The topic of discussion was “Translational Research in Cyberbullying: What We Know and What We Need to Do,” and focused on middle- and high-school students.

The Bullying Research Network (BRNET) is an international collective of researchers in the field of bullying prevention and intervention research. Its 196 members—who hail from 18 different countries—conduct interdisciplinary research related to bullying and aggression and establish national and international research networks “for advances in evidence-based prevention and intervention initiatives.” BRNET also provides a “virtual clearinghouse” for researchers to post and share their findings.

“BRNET Think Tank is an important reality check on top researchers’ findings and thinking about youth social media use, cyberbullying, and solutions to online victimization.”

—Anne Collier
Executive Director, The Net Safety Collaborative

The two-day event featured research presentations and panel discussions with titles such as “The Current Field of Cyberbullying and The Youth Perspective,” “The Application of Research,” and “Technological Innovations and Solutions to the [Cyberbullying] Problem.” Afternoon breakout discussions and planning sessions covered existing gaps in literature on the topic, how social media influences cyberbullying, technological solutions, and what direction the research community should take to abate and hopefully resolve the issue of cyberbullying.

Bullying prevention is a key aspect of Committee for Children’s mission to foster the safety and well-being of children. Learn more about our program research, policy and advocacy initiatives, our Bullying Prevention Unit, and how to incorporate bullying prevention and social-emotional learning into classrooms and communities.

Organizations That Attended BRNET 2017

University of British Columbia | University of Wisconsin – Madison | Queen’s University | Northern Illinois University | University of Washington | The University of Sydney | York University | Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel | Wilfrid Laurier University | Edgewood College | San Jose State University | Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto | Center on Media and Child Health, Children’s Hospital Boston—Harvard Medical School | University of Wisconsin—La Crosse | University of Nebraska—Lincoln | University of California—Santa Barbara

Amazon | Intel | Facebook | Microsoft

Other Organizations
KAUST Health | Amanda Todd Legacy Society | The Net Safety Collaborative

Learn more about BRNET on their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to be a part of the conversation.