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Take Action with SEL Data—Second Step Program Partners with Panorama

Panorama assessment platform

Each year, over 10.6 million students learn social-emotional skills with the Second Step Program. To ensure that educators, schools, and districts can effectively track and measure Second Step competencies, we’ve partnered with Panorama Education, whose technology platform can be used seamlessly to measure competencies that align with skills taught in the Second Step curriculum. (See how here.)

Panorama’s assessment platform provides interactive dashboards that help educators identify strengths and growth opportunities—in areas such as growth mindset, self-efficacy, and emotion regulation—at the school, classroom, and individual student level. Using data proactively, educators can make decisions and take informed action to support every student.

In addition to the measurements dashboard, educators can explore resources and ideas for addressing and enhancing social-emotional learning with Playbook, Panorama’s professional learning platform. Each of Playbook’s resources targets the development of students’ specific social-emotional skills and was created by successful classroom teachers and trusted partners, including the Second Step Program.

Why Panorama?

Researchers at Committee for Children (CFC)—the creators of the Second Step Program—recommend Panorama as an assessment tool to help teachers and administrators understand students’ needs and to help them shift the implementation of the Second Step Program to a more data-driven approach to address these needs for pre-kindergarten through middle school, including our new 2017 Middle School Program.

The SEL measures Panorama provides were developed in partnership with researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of California Santa Barbara and have shown a high degree of validity and reliability, including correlations with students’ academic performance, attendance, and more. Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning helps educators understand the mindsets, attitudes, and skills that enable students to succeed in school and life.

To learn more about our partnership, CFC-recommended SEL survey scales, and how to start measuring your students’ successes and opportunities, visit Panorama today.

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