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Bystander Skills to Prevent Bullying—Activity

Grades 3–8

Many people are affected by bullying, including bystanders who witness bullying behavior. In the following activities that can be incorporated into specific curricular areas,* upper elementary and middle school students will discuss ways they can help prevent bullying behavior, read about how others have responded to it, and work together to help stop bullying.

NOTE: *Specific curricular areas or skills targeted are noted below.

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Idea 1: Make a Pamphlet

Have students create a colorful pamphlet called, “Ways for Kids to Help Kids with Bullying.”

(arts, language arts, social-emotional learning)

Idea 2: Acrostic Poem

Have students write a bystander acrostic poem. Have them list positive ways in which bystanders to bullying can be part of the solution.

(language arts, social-emotional learning, social studies) 

Idea 3: In the News

Have students look for news reports that mention bystanders or witnesses. Did the bystanders in these stories act in ways that were part of the solution?

(language arts, social-emotional learning, social studies)

Idea 4: Bystander Story

Have students write a story that depicts several bystanders refusing bullying.

(language arts)

Idea 5: Bystanders of the World

Have students research and discuss world events in which bystanders have played an important role in reducing bullying.

(social-emotional learning, social studies)

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