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Growth Mindset Webinar Offers Engaging, Informative Lessons for Teachers

growth mindset

Want to discover how you can benefit as an educator by adopting a growth mindset?

In their recent webinar, Growth Mindset in the Middle School Classroom: Lessons for Teachers, the spirited duo of teacher Rachel Kamb and school counselor Tammy Fisher present a highly informative and helpful session for teachers. Working from a mutual mindset for better teaching, they communicate complex policy and research issues in simple, intriguing, and entertaining ways.

Hosted by the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), the webinar centers on how a growth mindset can help teachers guide and improve their approach with a “teacher mindset,” positively shaping student-teacher relationships.

Some of the important concepts and strategies you’ll learn about in this webinar are:

  • Why there’s a need for teachers to think with more of a growth mindset
  • How to positively assess each student’s potential with a teacher mindset
  • The importance of embracing “the power of yet” and undiscovered potential
  • Ways to have the confidence and willingness to ask for help and support
  • Methods to develop and strengthen teacher-student relationships

Rachel and Tammy encourage teachers to adjust their mindsets, not just about each student’s potential, but also about their own ability to learn and improve—and become better teachers!

Improve Student Relationships: Growth Mindset as a Tool for Teachers

Teachers are faced with daunting tasks on a daily basis. Challenging students provide teachers with some of those more difficult daily tasks. Rachel and Tammy make a strong pitch for teachers to think differently and explore reasons why problem students need varied approaches for alternate outcomes. It’s all about growth!

Proven Elements: Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Positivity

Learn techniques for using positive approaches that are founded on the idea that there are no bad kids—only happy little classroom challenges. With a nod toward teacher-student relationship factors and relevant research, the webinar identifies elements for effectiveness in overcoming obstacles. Hint: kindness matters, and students need this to feel trust.

The Power of Yet—Focused on Potential More than Results

You’ll hear how critically important it is for teachers to be aware of and adjust their mindsets—trusting the power of “yet” in the realm of measurable results and quantifiable data. Just because a student fails at a task does not mean they’re a failure. The webinar offers a guiding lesson, whereby a teacher can embrace challenges and know that success is the journey not fixed on now, but moving toward the potential of not yet.

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