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Summer Reading List: SEL In and Out of The School Year

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Now’s the time to get your summer reading list in order! We’ve put together a short list pulled from the many books we recommend for students young and old, families, and educators in our Second Step Program. In this list, you’ll find:

  • Titles that families can read together to get to know how life works
  • Books that students can read on their own to educate and empower their young selves (what better time to introduce the pleasures of quietly reading outside, really?)
  • Information for teachers to help reinforce and inform their craft
  • Editions to support parents in their ever-changing roles as caregivers and mentors

Download the Reading List

More Books: Child Safety and Bullying Prevention

Summer is also a good time for families and educators to tap into safety resources for children to help them guard against child sexual abuse and bullying.

We’ve put together this list of books that can help families talk about, prevent, and respond to child sexual abuse. Plus, our Abuse Prevention Resources page offers a wealth of information for finding simple ways to talk about this difficult topic and to help keep kids safe this summer and through the year.

Visit our Bullying Prevention Resource page for ways to empower kids and the adults around them to understand what bullying is, who is affected by it, and what you and your community can do to prevent it. Along with videos and articles, check out our curated list of titles for grades PreK–8 from our Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit.

Other Parent Resources

ParenTeen Connect

Full of real voices and expert advice, this new research-based resource is a must for parents of teens. If you—like so many others—are dealing with issues like independence, responsibility, and communication, this is the place for you and your teen. Trust us . . . it may save you some grey hairs and your teen some angst this summer!

Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challenges

Everyday challenges are part of life. Providing your love and support is the most important step in helping children develop the confidence to overcome anything they face. Committee for Children has collaborated with Sesame Workshop to bridge the divide between what children learn in school and what they learn at home with their families. Sesame Street’s Little Children, Big Challenges initiative provides tips and strategies to help adults and children (ages 2–5) navigate challenges and build lifelong skills for resilience.

For more resources from Committee for Children, visit our Resources page, which is packed with free, evidence-based information and support for families and educators.