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Mindfulness Activity—Gift of You

It’s a busy world out there, and the holidays can make it seem even busier. With all the celebrations and gift-giving swirling about, it can be difficult to remember to stop . . . take a breath . . . and remember the little things that are most important.

That’s why our mindfulness app, Mind Yeti,* is featuring its premium session “The Gift of You” through December 2018 and through early January. This five-minute session helps kids slow down and see how something as simple as their presence can be a true gift to their friends and loved ones.

Teachers and families can listen along and learn together that being present is a present you can always give. It’s truly the best gift of all. A gift from your heart.

Go to Mind Yeti to register for free and access “The Gift of You” audio session today.

Instructions for a free children’s mindfulness activity

This activity below (which you can print for your classroom) has been adapted from the premium Mind Yeti session “The Gift of You”, and you can help students realize one of the best gifts they can give is themselves.

  1. Say: Let’s take a deep breath in . . . and let it out . . . Take a breath in . . . and out.
  2. Say: Would you like to give someone you love a present?
  3. Give example: What if you gave them a gift from the heart. A gift of you.
  4. Say: Think about someone you care about. Picture this person in your mind. A friend. A grandparent. A sister or brother. Your mom or dad.
    Give students about 10 seconds to think about this person.
  5. Say: Take a moment to think of a time when the two of you were happy being together. Maybe you were playing together or reading a story. Take a moment and remember that time together.
    Give students about 10—20 seconds to think when they were happy with someone.
  6. Say: How did you feel? Happy? Comforted?
    Give the students 5 seconds to breathe, pause, and think.
  7. Say: Any time you want to give the people you care about a gift, you can. Just spending time with someone and being truly present is a gift. A gift from your heart.

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* Mind Yeti is not accepting new users at this time.