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Enhanced Online Experience for Second Step Programs

teacher preparing for the school year

New for the 2020–21 School Year

Starting on August 28, 2020, educators who use Second Step online resources along with their registered classroom kit will see something new when they log on. Based on client feedback, we’re creating a streamlined, more cohesive way for program teachers, administrators, and families to access our web-based content. This content includes streaming lesson media, program training, and implementation tools.

In addition to these updates, our Second Step Middle School Program is also being updated with enhanced lessons, more interactive activities to keep students engaged and learning, and a new bullying and harassment unit. 

See what’s coming

Materials in One Place
Each grade level—from Early Learning through Grade 5—as well as our Bullying Prevention and Child Protection Units will have an updated, easy-to-navigate experience. Lesson preparation, curriculum materials, and reinforcements will be consolidated grade-by-grade, giving teachers more time to focus on students. Counselors who teach multiple grade levels will have a smoother transition from one grade to the next.

Training resources and sessions have also been updated in response to user feedback.

Sample Grade 2 Online Lesson Resources

Get Set Up for Success
Administrators and principals will find the implementation tasks, roles, and resources they’ll need to establish an effective, sustained social-emotional learning program in their schools. Schools that have purchased the Principal Toolkit will also have access to those online supports.

SEL: More Important Now than Ever
We’ve planned these changes for many months. Now, more than ever, we recognize how important it is for educators to have easy access to the tools they need to help kids cope with challenges in their lives. As always, we’re here to support and help you make the most of your Second Step program.