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Response to Charlottesville: A Call for Empathy and Inclusion from Joan Cole Duffell

The terrible events in Charlottesville and the news stories and conversations of the past week are weighing on our minds here at Committee for Children. Such hatred, violence, and intolerance can only be extinguished by working together now to bui… Read More

Joan Cole Duffell

Harvard’s Global Education Innovation Initiative Conference Recap

As leader of Committee for Children, a global nonprofit that strives to help the world’s children develop vital social-emotional skills through Second Step SEL, our evidence-based social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, I was excited to be invited to Harvard’s Global Education Innovation Initiative Conference (GEII) this past May.… Read More


Building on Martin Luther King’s Powerful and Profound Empathy

What role do educators play in creating a more empathetic world? ? In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, Committee for Children’s executive director Joan Cole Duffell and Dr. Calvin Watts, superintendent of the Kent School District have written a gripping op-ed in an effort to urge school systems and the country at large to do the work that’s needed to build on Dr. King’s profound and powerful level of empathy. 

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