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Annual Advocacy Day – A Success!

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Committee for Children held their annual Advocacy Day. In spite of snow, sleet, and rain (no flooding or pestilence, thankfully), CFC took a hearty crowd of 20 people to meet with 34 legislators and/or their staff. We were very lucky to have a number of young people go with us this year as well; they are always the stars of the show!… Read More

Restorative Justice Panel Sponsored by CFC at Citizen U Event

Over 500 people from around the country attended the annual Citizen University held in Seattle March 18–19, 2016. Center stage this year was the question “Who is US?”, focusing on race, identity, and what it means to be American in this century. Presentations covered a wide array of topics, ranging from looking at pop culture, the effects of poverty, and the power of race. Committee for Children sponsored a panel titled “Restorative Justice Now.”… Read More

At the Local Level

Efforts here in WA State to make SEL a requirement in schools have had bipartisan support in the legislature. Across the country in MA, their pioneering SEL Alliance for Massachusetts is planning their fourth annual conference.… Read More

Congressional Briefing, New Bill on Social-Emotional Learning

What’s Happening

On April 30, 2014, Seattle-based Committee for Children and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) hosted a congressional briefing that focused on effective social-emotional learning (SEL) programs in all stages of the educational system from preschool through college…

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The (Near) Future of Abuse Prevention: A Conversation with Joan Duffell

Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) is just around the corner, so PR Manager Allison Wedell Schumacher sat down with Joan Cole Duffell, executive director of Committee for Children, to talk about the organization's past, present, and future in abuse prevention, and about our new Child Protection Training that will be released later…

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Bullying in Kindergarten? Prevention Means Starting Early

by Allison Wedell Schumacher

When most of us think of bullying, we think of the stories we’ve seen in the news: high school kids being maligned on social media; middle schoolers shunning or teasing each other.

So when we see bullying prevention lessons that begin in kindergarten, we might think, “Overkill! Those sweet little five-year-olds wouldn’t hurt a…… Read More

Chicago: A First Day of School Like No Other

By Allison Wedell Schumacher

Making the transition to a new school is never easy. But imagine the challenge of making that transition because your school was actually shut down. Imagine the questions flooding your mind: How will I get to my new school? Will the kids there like me and be nice to me? Will I fit in?

Thousands of children and their families in Chicago have been asking these questions and more in the wake of Chicago Public…

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