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Learn What to Say and How to Break the Ice When Meeting New People

In this activity meant for kids from elementary through middle school, students practice what to say and how to break the ice as a way of getting to know others when beginning a new friendship. Asking friendly questions of others can be an effecti… Read More

where the wild things are reading guide

Activity—Where the Wild Things Are Reading Guide

A Reading Guide for Parents and Teachers of Kids Aged 3–6

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic American book whose story of a frustrated, imaginative boy can help young children recognize and understand their own difficult feelings and how they can feel better. This reading guide, which aligns… Read More


Activity—Cross the Room

A Fun and Simple Way for Students to Learn What They Have in Common With Classmates

It’s back to school time! Soon—if not already—your classes will be brimming with new faces ready to take on the school year. Some students may already be fast friends. Others haven’t shared a classroom before. And there’s always someone … Read More


The State of Teacher Professional Learning

“The State of Teacher Professional Learning,” a report just released from Corwin, Learning Forward, and the National Education Association, shares the online responses of 6,300 teachers from across the United States in response to questions about professional development.… Read More

how to share - kids apples bus

Activity—Inclusive Communities

Communities come in all shapes and sizes. This lesson teaches students how to share with and be respectful of others.

Members of a community share a common space, needs, and goals, and they cooperate with and are respectful of each other. In communities like the classroom community, it is especially important not to leave others out. This activity… Read More