Committee for Children Blog

Why Solidarity Is Key in Bullying Prevention

In this blog, learn more from Committee for Children VP of Education, Research, and Impact Dr. Tia Kim about how bullying affects children’s well-being, and why solidarity is a fundamental aspect of prevention.Read More

Social-Emotional Learning and Music Education | Kids playing trumpets in the Kids' Orchestra

Kids’ Orchestra: Where Social-Emotional Learning and Music Education Harmonize

Kids’ Orchestra is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based after-school program with a mission to build a community of creative, confident, and socially engaged students through music education. We sat down with Education Director Sam Trevathan and Program Manager Blakelynn Prettalt to talk about their experience incorporating Second Step® Out-of-School Time into their program.Read More

students learning about mindfulness

How Can Mindfulness Benefit Students?

This fall, the Second Step® Elementary digital program will be updated to include optional access to a library of mindfulness sessions. We sat down with Dr. Cailin Currie, a developmental psychologist and senior research scientist at Committee for Children, to talk about this new resource and its potential classroom benefits.Read More