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Real-Life Parenting Tips for a Pandemic

I’m what some might call a worrier. It’s not apparent. I have a very calm exterior honed through years of practice and—if my son is any indication—some sort of innate genetic predisposition of appearing unaffected in even the most dire of… Read More

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How Legislation Can Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

After a long period of decreases, there has been a recent uptick1 in reported and confirmed cases of child sexual abuse in the United States. Today, one in four girls and one in 20 boys report experiencing sexual abuse before the age o… Read More

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Then & Now: A Career in Kindness

When I started at CFC as an accounting assistant in 1998, I wasn’t sure how long I’d want to stay. But I quickly realized this wasn’t like any job I’d had before. … Read More

Social-Emotional Principal

SEL Needs Principals

Principals demonstrably have an impact on student achievement and school climate, and are key to the success of social-emotional learning (SEL) within their schools.… Read More