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Support Tree—Activity

Identifying People Children Can Go To for Help

Grades EL–3—When it comes to personal safety, children need to know who to go to for help. In this free activity teachers, parents, and guardians help students name the people in their lives who they can go to when something’s not quite right.… Read More

free activity, social emotional learning, second step

Teaching Touching Safety Rules: Safe and Unsafe Touching—Activity

Three steps to help parents teach kids about their bodies, personal space, and safe and unsafe touches

Grades K–5—Knowing what to say can be hard when teaching your kids about their personal space and how to protect themselves. This quick-guide is here to help.… Read More

Keeping Children Safe: Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

All states have a law that requires us to report when there is reasonable suspicion that child sexual abuse occurred, yet child sexual abuse is underreported by both children and adults, including teachers. There are many reasons for this. Children are often afraid or ashamed to tell. Adults may not know about all the signs of abuse, may lack knowledge about reporting, or may worry about making inaccurate reports.Read More

Two Myths About Child Sexual Abuse: What We Should Know, What We Can Do

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, an
important time to build knowledge and awareness of how to protect children from
abuse. This awareness includes understanding two myths about child sexual abuse
and what we can do to address those myths, to support effective prevention,
identification, and response.… Read More

Tools to Keep Kids Safe

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, which always gets parents thinking about how to keep their children safe. All parents face the same concerns when it comes to the safety of their children: who to trust and who not to trust, what they can do … Read More

Keeping Kids Safe with Conversations

Child sexual abuse is prevalent yet silenced.’ These are the words that most stuck with me after listening to an introduction of the play Telling, which unveils stories from adult survivors of sexual abuse. The ‘silence’ part of this is even more jolting given that 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 20 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18, and that it is usually by someone they know.… Read More